Payment and delivery

  1. Pickup.

    Self-delivery of goods is carried out at the address Vladivostok, st. Vostretsova 36, building 10, warehouse No. 3 from 9 am to 6 pm local time without a lunch break.

    For legal entities, when picking up at own expense, you must have:

    • original power of attorney and passport for identification and data specified in the power of attorney.
    • or a seal of the organization and a copy of the document confirming the authority of the employee to sign accounting documents.
    • The goods are inspected by the client on the spot after the fact.
  2. Delivery within the city of Vladivostok.

    It is carried out within 1-3 working days from 9 to 18 hours from Monday to Friday. An hour before departure, a call is made to the client's address from the delivery service. Express delivery (on the day of order) and delivery on weekends and holidays is possible days by prior arrangement and agreement.

    Free delivery within the city of Vladivostok is available for regular customers, or when ordering over 3000 rubles and with a weight of one piece not exceeding 50 kg. When ordering less than 3000 rubles, the cost of delivery is 400 rubles. When ordering, where the weight of one piece exceeds 50 kg, the cost of delivery is 1500 rubles, taking into account unloading near the company's vehicles and does not provide for further transfer of cargo or lifting to the floor. If you need a mover service to transfer or lift cargo to the floor, you must first notify and agree with the manager.

    If it is necessary to deliver to sensitive facilities such as ports, terminals, closed storage areas, etc., it is necessary to notify in advance. Check-in formalities take a certain amount of time. The cost of such delivery depends from the tariffing of the organization where arrival is required.

    The shipping cost will be included in the price of the item.

  3. Delivery in Russia through the Courier Service

    On our website, it is possible to calculate courier delivery in Russia through partner organizations with a weight of one piece not exceeding 30 kg, and a larger size not exceeding 1200 mm.

    The shipping cost will be included in the price of the item.

  4. Delivery across Russia through shopping mall.

    We will deliver the goods to any city in Russia, through partner transport companies, or through a transport company at the request of the Client. It is possible to calculate the delivery when ordering through the site.

    Free delivery to the terminal of the transport company.

  5. International shipping.

    If it is necessary to send cargo abroad, we will calculate, organize and help. The cost of international delivery is calculated based on the weight, dimensions of the cargo and the destination.

Online ordering and payment methods

For legal entities.

When placing an order on the website, the Client has the opportunity to receive an invoice for payment without contacting the office of the organization.

You can also receive an invoice for payment by sending a request to, or by calling +7 423 203-03-05.

When an invoice is issued for payment, the goods are placed in reserve for a period of 3 calendar days. If within 3 days the invoice is not paid, the goods are removed from the reserve.

Payment for products is made by transferring funds to the settlement account of the Organization.

All invoices are subject to VAT 20%.