Сайт заполняется товарами!

Сайт заполняется товарами! Хотим сообщить нашим уважаемым клиентам, что наш сайт только начал свое развитие, и мы активно работаем над заполнением его новыми товарами. Мы стремимся предложить вам лучший выбор продукции, чтобы удовлетворить все ваши потребности. Будьте уверены, что каждый день мы добавляем новые товары и расширяем наше...

For those who love sound quality we have awesome Pioneer speakers! (Демо)

Finally launched our long-awaited website!

Finally launched our long-awaited website! Now our customers can quickly and independently check availability and cost of the necessary products, receive an invoice on the site directly, without contacting the office. You can also estimate shipping, get acquainted with the technical parameters and characteristics of the required equipment,...

New arrivals of Nintendo Wii games! (Демо)

We are reliable partners!

We are reliable partners! Due to our flexibility and unconventional approach, MSS Group remains a reliable partner in the sphere of  supplying of the necessary complicated technological equipment from Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, the USA, Japan, South Korea, etc. even under conditions of sanctions and the current hard economic...

Only in our store! Famous American WeatherMaster tents! (Демо)

We complete original tasks!

We complete original tasks! Our standing customers, who have worked together with MSS Group for a long time, are aware of our ability to quickly complete any sophisticated problems, and they often approach us for assistance in matters which are out of our area of expertise. One of our Clients requested to manufacture and deliver a floating...